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An Introduction to our Solution to Oil Pollution

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

We know no one wants to be the cause of oil overboard spillage, but practical solutions always came at a price, be it monetarily or by intense and recurring labor; it's no wonder that contamination very often went on, ignored, even under the threat of heavy fines. In 2008 we began our mission to solve the growing issue of environmental oil contamination in the marine industry, and in boating in general. The issue of oil contamination plagued boat owners and operators, they had few solutions that did not result in further waste management or labor intensive processes -- we set out to develop an automated solution that could prevent waste oil from being dumped into our oceans.

Our Bilge Licker product line maintains an oil-free bilge automatically, offering a way for even the small boat owner to keep their bilge water, and the surrounding ocean water, clear of oil.

Facing the extreme costs and labor involved with cleansing a bilge of contaminants is not a prospect for the faint of heart.  With tightening environmental regulations, and little to no effective solutions in sight, it was easy to see that vessel operators had been left between a rock, and a very hard place. We are certain that we are able to give vessel owners and operators peace of mind knowing their bilge is being maintained effortlessly and at an affordable price point.


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