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Bilge Lickers are built with precision crafted aluminum & stainless steel components, and use a specialized tubing system that is able to pick up roughly 20 gallons* of oil in a single day. Bilge Lickers are built to last, and are capable of enduring the most difficult of applications.


* 20 gallons of oil per day is an estimate based on a worst-case scenario. The pick-up rate of all Bilge Lickers is determined by the severity of the oil contamination; more oil in the bilge water will equate to greater pick-up rates.

Bilge Licker Mainline

SKU: 001
  • Facing the laborious issue of oil contamination in the bilge water of virtually every mechanically driven ship, we developed the Bilge Licker; a device designed for the specific purpose of removing waste oil from the water of any ship’s bilge automatically, without manual intervention.

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