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Automated Oil Pollution Prevention

Separate, remove and offload oil contamination from your bilge automatically.

Say goodbye to absorbent pads, socks & pump trucks.


Our Controlled Demonstration

Watch our demonstration video to see how Bilge Lickers are able to collect free-floating oil, separating it from the water to be stored in a vessel of your choice.




At H.M.I. Bilge Licker Inc. we are proud to stand behind our product with a 1-Year Warranty covering parts and labour.

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We are confident in our product's ability to solve the problem of bilge oil contamination, so we gladly offer free trials for up to 30-days to assuage any doubts.

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We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  If our system does not satisfy your needs in any way, we will happily work to reimburse you.



Our industrial powerhouse solution.

The Mainline unit is designed for industrial applications on larger vessels, requiring a large amount of on-going oil collection.


$1,475 USD



The compact casual consumer alternative.

The Mini is a solution specific smaller-scale contamination environments.





Move your collected oil automatically to off-loadable storage.

Our pumps are designed to operate in tandem with the Bilge Licker they’re provided with.


$940 USD


I bought this to clean out the bilge of an 85ft steel boat going to scrap. It removed diesel and heavy oil with no issues. I've figured the savings in oil boom, oil rags and vac truck costs have been more than I paid for the unit -- which I can use elsewhere. Highly recommend the Bilge Licker.

—Brooks Dean

We used to have to get a Haz-Mat suck truck twice a year at a cost of $1000.00 per offload.  We purchased a Bilge Licker over a year ago now and since then we have not needed to use the services of the suck truck. I was amazed at how well the Bilge Licker worked in removing nearly all the oil in the bilges. 


It is easy to set up and easy to move to different areas of the boat that need to be serviced. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to remove oil from the bilges of their boat. It works and it will save you money and is an easy way to deal with the oil in your bilge.

—  Dean Olson

Captain, Raw Spirit

Super happy with the unit you let us take for a test run. Let's put it this way, the 'licker sells itself, but seriously I really appreciate the trust of giving us the 30 day trial.

—  Chris Gunderson

This small yet efficient machine works incredibly well and is surprisingly simple.This machine is cost efficient as it decreases costly labor intensive manual cleaning of bilges.

—  Paul H. Gagnon

Installation was simple and easy to do.  Prior to installing the Bilge Licker I had a pretty thick sheen of oil in my bilge. After installation, I turned it on and within an hour and a half the sheen was gone and I could see the bottom of the bilge. It has maintained the bilge since. Excellent product and service, it was good to do business with you.

—  Chris & Pam Crowe

We’ve been very pleased with the Bilge Licker.  It’s small, powerful, and it’s been very reliable.  We’ve separated three 5-gallon buckets, and been able to send lots of clean, oil-free water to the sea.   We basically run it 24x7 on the high setting (15 mins every hour), and we couldn’t be happier.  I have and will continue to strongly recommend it to others with oily bilges.

—  Luke Mielke

It's pulled about 4 pails of oil out and I have had to turn it off now because its just dirty water in the bilge. We couldn’t be more happy with the unit. Thank you!” 

—  Paul Osmond

The Bilge Licker is wonderful, it was extremely easy to get set up. It works fabulous and really helps me manage what has been a real problem area in my bilge. I have it all installed in the same area as my oily water saparator suction and the OWS has been working great (Now that I have your Bilge Licker to do the heavy lifting as far as oil skimming.)

Great machine I highly recommend it and will to everyone I know.

—  Tony Chase

Chief Engineer F/V Wizard

I love your unit and would recommend it to everyone I encounter.

—  Matt
Chief Engineer


Get ahold of us regarding anything!  From purchases to customer service or trials to warranty issues.

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